Freitag, 22. Dezember 2017

Genghis Khan


Action Real-Film

Releasedatum:   Produktionsjahr: 2017
Publisher: Produktionsfirma unbekannt

Informationen zu den mitwirkenden Personen:

William Chan

Geboren in Hongkong, China am 1985-11-21

William Chan Wai-ting (simplified Chinese: 陈伟霆; traditional Chinese: 陳偉霆; pinyin: Chén Wěitíng), born 21 November 1985) is a Hong Kong singer and actor. In 2003, he participated in New Talent Singing Awards and won several awards. He was then signed under Emperor Entertainment Group. He began his singing career by joining Cantopop group Sun Boy'z in 2006 and left the group in 2008 to pursue a solo career, releasing his debut solo album in the same year. Since then, he has released a total of 7 albums and 6 singles.

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Filminhalt (Quelle)

Temüjin and Börte are childhood lovers who are deeply in love; but news of Temüjin's father's death swiftly disrupted their relationship. Temüjin heads back to his hometown, but was faced with a sudden attack from his father's former comrades, causing his whole tribe to be destroyed.

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