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Martial Arts Real-Film

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Publisher: Produktionsfirma unbekannt   Produktion: Village Roadshow Pictures Asia

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Zhang Yimou

Geboren in Xi´an, China am 1950-11-14

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Deng Chao

Geboren in Nanchang, China am 1979-02-08

Deng Chao (simplified Chinese: 邓超; traditional Chinese: 鄧超; born 8 February 1979 in Nanchang, Jiangxi) is a Chinese actor, comedian, director and singer. He is a cast member of the popular variety program, Keep Running. His recent films, The Breakup Guru (2014), The Mermaid (2016) and Duckweed (2017) are among the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time in China. In 2017, Deng was crowned Best Actor at the Golden Rooster Awards for his performance in The Dead End (2015).

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Sun Li aka Susan Sun

Geboren in Shanghai, China am 1982-09-26

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Wang Qianyuan

Geboren in Shenyang, China am 1972-06-27

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Hu Jun

Geboren in Peking, China am 1968-03-18

Hu Jun (born March 18, 1968) is a Chinese actor best known for playing dramatic roles in various films and television series.

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Leo Wu

Geboren in Shanghai, China am 1999-12-26

Leo Wu Lei (simplified Chinese: 吴磊; traditional Chinese: 吳磊, born 26 December 1999) is a Chinese actor. He is known as the "Nation's Little Brother" in China.[

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Wang Jingchun

Geboren in Xinjian, China am 1973-02-12

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