Die Japanische Filmindustrie gehört zu den ältesten und größten der Welt und produziert derzeit die drittmeisten Spielfilme. Ein japanischer Regisseur, der im Ausland größtes Renommee erwarb, ist Akira Kurosawa; er trat sowohl mit visuell eindrucksvollen Samurai-Filmen hervor als auch mit Werken, die sich mit der zeitgenössischen japanischen Gesellschaft auseinandersetzen. Die Godzilla-Reihe von Ishirō Honda fand auch im Westen Verbreitung.

Das Tokyo International Film Festival, auf dem der Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix vergeben wird, ist das größte internationale Filmfestival Asiens. (Quelle: Wikipedia)

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Haruta & Chika


Haruta (Shori Sato) is handsome and smart, Chika (Kanna Hashimoto) is bright and naive. When they were children, they were friends until Haruta’s family moved away while he was in the 3rd grade. They meet again during a high school entrance ceremony. After all of these years, Chika is eager to join the wind instrument club. Due to an incident, the wind instrument club is about to be disbanded. Chika can't give up the flute so she attracts Haruta to her side and tries to recruit members from the wind instrument club.

One Week Friends


High school student Yuki Hase (Kento Yamazaki) wants to become close with classmate Kaori Fujimiya (Haruna Kawaguchi) who is alway by herself. Kaori Fujimiya refuses to become close with Yuki Hase, because she forgets her friends every new Monday. Even though Kaori tells Yuki why she doesn't want to become friends, Yuki still wants to become close to her.

Pure White

Mashiro Shibutani and her family live in Imizu, Toyama Prefecture. She spends her days by tending to her father’s bicycle store and taking care of her pet dog. She has a minor mental disability, but it doesn't effect her daily life. One day, she visits a shrine for her older brother's wedding. There, she meets photographer Keiichi Yui who came from Tokyo. Mashiro Shibutani accidentally presses the shutter button on Keiichi’s camera, which he left with her for a short while. Keiichi is fascinated by the pictures which Mashiro took on accident. Because of this, they get closer.

When They Knit Seriously

11-year-old Tomo (Rinka Kakihara) lives with mother Hiromi (Mimura), but Hiromi decides to give up on her and leaves their home. Tomo, now all alone, visits her uncle Makio's (Kenta Kiritani) home. Makio lives with his beautiful girlfriend Rinko (Toma Ikuta). Rinko was born as a man and now works as a caregiver at a home for the elderly. Tomo is a little confused by the situation, but they begin to live as a family.