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Emperor Motion Pictures(Chinese: 英皇電影 known as EMP, is a film producer and distributor, part of the Emperor Group.Following the 2003 box-office hits The Twins Effect and The Medallion, EMP has produced and distributing films including The Twins Effect II, Bug Me Not, A Chinese Tall Story, The Drummer, Kung Fu Dunk, The Forbidden Kingdom, as well as The Sun Also Rises and Forever Enthralled, two works by renowned Chinese auteurs Jiang Wen and Chen Kaige. In alliance with other local distributors, EMP has also in recent years moved into distributing non-Chinese language films. These include the big-screen version of “Sex and the City”, and 2009 Oscar winning “Departures” from Japan.Concurrently, EMP continues to work closely with Jackie Chan through JCE Movies Limited (JCE), a joint venture production house set up in 2002 by the Emperor Group and Chan's JC Group. JCE's growing portfolio includes Benny Chan's Rob-B-Hood and New Police Story; Stephen Fung's Enter the Phoenix and House of Fury; Kenneth Bi's Rice Rhapsody, Stanley Tong's epic The Myth; Sylvia Chang's Run Papa Run; and Stanley Kwan’s Everlasting Regret. Jackie Chan also stars in Shinjuku Incident, which Derek Yee directs for "Emperor Dragon Movies", a newly created EMP subsidiary.

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